Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Useful Budgeting Tools

Budgeting Tools

I used to be extremely smart with money.  I paid extra on the few bills I had and only used a credit card to build credit (always having the cash to pay it right off).  Over time I got married, had more kids and we have had a home to fix up, vacations to take, things to buy, etc!  I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of credit cards we have and I have decided to take the steps to get rid of it!

I knew I needed to have some sort of system in place to keep me organized and motivated.  I love Dave Ramsey's advice but wanted to take it a little further.  Lindsay over at One Beautiful Home Blog has the neatest printable workbook for debt!  It has a websites and passwords sheet, yearly bill tracker, snowball worksheets, etc.  It is the perfect yearly overview without getting me too overwhelmed!

The last thing I will be using is this awesome excel spreadsheet from Trees Full of Money!  You put in your debt, interest rates & minimum payment and it shows you when you can have everything paid off!  

I will also be cutting back on impulse purchases (gas station sodas, snacks, etc), trying to stick with a food budget, and realizing what is a need and a want!

I have some small goals and some important reasons for wanting to do this.

I want more time with my kids

I don't want to feel tied down because of bills

I want the freedom to save for something and pay for it (not on a credit card for 10 years)

I look forward to sharing my progress!!!


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