Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Problems with embedded IUD (MIRENA)

I had my mirena IUD inserted in June 2009.  My 3rd baby was about 8 weeks old and I wanted something a little more permanent for birth control.  The initial insertion hurt a little and I was crampy that whole day but nothing too unbearable.

I finally stopped having periods after a few months and for the majority of the past 5 years when I have had one it was very light.  

My 5 years were up in June and we decided we wanted to have another baby but not quite yet.  I went in to have the mirena taken out towards the end of July.  Our local health nurse was able to grab the strings but it would not budge.  She ended up breaking a small portion of the string and did not want to mess with it any further.  She recommended I make an appointment with my OB/GYN.

Yesterday, I went in for my appointment (after a 3 hour drive).  She went to grab it and was not able to locate the strings.  She kept digging and took a sweeper tool a few times trying to locate the IUD.  She kept asking if I was sure it had not fallen out.  This was very uncomfortable and painful.  She eventually stopped and said I would need to have an ultrasound done.

They performed a pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound and were able to find the IUD.  It is still in my uterus but appears to be embedded or tangled.  She said I would need to go into the OR where they can make me more comfortable to be able to remove it.  She will be going in doing a hysteroscopy (camera through my cervix) to try and remove it.  If that does not work they will have to go in through my stomach.

I have not had any major pain but I do have some discomfort on the side the IUD seems to be stuck in.  I am so nervous for this and I am very disappointed as this should have been easy to remove.

Has anyone else had issues with an IUD?  What type of birth control do you prefer?


  1. Liking you from www.drpsychmom.com!

  2. Yikes!! That is scary. I hope they can get it out without having to go through your abdomen. I have an IUD too and worry about this problem.

  3. I never used this form of birth control but my sister had an IUD and ended up having issues. I have heard quite a few horror stories and I am so sorry this happened to you!

  4. Um... scary! I have not had an IUD. I have heard very mixed reviews and I am the type of person that if something bad is going to happen - it will happen to me, so I have decided to skip it... although I tend to go back to the idea at least a few times a year! Good luck! Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping it is nothing too serious!!

  5. That sounds scary and uncomfortable.I am sure they will be able to remove quickly.

  6. Wow, that is scary. Hope everything works out for you. Amber N

  7. I had the same IUD about 5 years ago. I kept it in for 5 years but I had severe stomach pains and they could never find out what was wrong. Also, during intimacy my husband swore he could feel it. After I had it removed, no more stomach pains. No problems removing it either but I wouldn't do it again.

  8. Wow...thanks for sharing this info! I've been researching different birth control methods for after I have my baby and I'm glad you posted this!


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