Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Kitchen Item Wish List

I have always loved to bake.  Not so much cooking but baking and making treats is something I have done since I was a child.  I love to buy random kitchen/baking items even though my kitchen is too small to hold them and I don't always use them.  I have compiled a list of kitchen items I have or I would LOVE to have from Amazon.  These are completely random but that's how my mind seems to think!  (Click on each picture to go directly to the item)


Seriously!!  I don't know why I never knew about this and why I don't own one.  Everytime I shred zuchinni, carrots, cheese, etc. I end up knocking it all over.  I am dreaming of the messes I could avoid with this bad boy in my kitchen!


These silicone molds are so adorable!  I have seen these used in lunch boxes to hold food, as soap molds and of course for cupcakes.  So versatile!


What do you do with a square pan?  Well brownies, and muffins, and cornbread.  Also, if your kids are anything like mine just think of all the Minecraft goodies you can make with this!


For some reason mini things are just cute.  Individual pies or cheesecakes would be so fun to make in these adorable pans.


A springform pan. Why? Because we like to make cheesecake in this house and I always have to borrow my moms.  


A thermometer is a must have when making candy, pecan pie and other scrumptious things.  I used to have one and it disappeared.  I really should order one before I am in the middle of something and realize I need it!


My Kitchenaid has to be my all time favorite!!  I use it for everything from cookies to pizza dough.  There are so many neat attachments you can get.  These have generous sized bowls, a heavy duty motor and excellent attachments.  Amazon always seems to have great prices on these.


I love having a variety of stacking mixing bowls.  Sometimes you are just whipping a few eggs and other times you need something to hold a double batch of cookies.


Batter bowls can be used for so many things!  You can measure, mix, pour & store!  I use mine for pancake and waffle mix every time.  It makes pouring it so easy.


I have had my pampered chef nut chopper for around 10 years.  It is missing pieces (like the bottom) and I really need to purchase a new one.  I use it for not only nuts but candy, bacon, garlic, butter, etc.

What are your must have kitchen items?  Let me know what you think my list is missing!

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