Friday, August 31, 2012


I cannot believe it has been almost two years since my last post!! I am full of excuses and reasons why it has been so long but mainly it comes down to not enough time. My baby was a little over a year while I was working on my blog and I started becoming so overwhelmed. I really enjoyed blogging but it was beginning to consume too much of my time. I was neglecting important things that needed to be priorities in my life.

 I have been thinking about continuing my blog on and off now for some time. My baby is almost 3 1/2 and starting preschool. I have switched jobs and although I am still not the perfect mommy/wife keeping up with everything I feel like I definitely have more time. Although I would still love to do product reviews I also want to be able to focus more on my family life, recipes, crafts, etc.

 I want to thank anyone still following and hope you enjoy following this adventure we call life!! P.S.- My blog address was changed to a more fitting name. I cannot wait to share more about our zoo (corrals with pigs, chickens, ducks, goats, horses, a steer and our milk cow Miss MayBelle =O)


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