Monday, September 24, 2012

Breaking Habits (weight loss)

I debated on writing this post...I didn't want to...but I feel like I need to.

I am not happy with my weight.  After my first two babies I bounced back right away.  After my third, things didn't happen so easy.  I was working from home doing medical transcription- sitting at a desk the majority of the day.  I was extremely stressed- trying to take care of three young children was not always an easy task.  It was hard to make time to work out- work, house, kids.

Food became my go to.  I would stress eat.  I would bored eat.  I would eat because it was a HABIT.  Then I would hide by wearing sweats- they stretch.

I was tired- a lot.  Sure, kids wear you out but so does eating like crap and not getting off your butt.  Then it became hard.  

I started doing good and lost about 25 lbs.  I was only about 10-15 lbs away from my goal- SO CLOSE- yet those were the HARDEST to even work on.  Just this spring I was almost there.

Life happened and here I am once again.  I probably need to lose 30-35 lbs- AGAIN.

I DESERVE to look good- feel good- and be happy!  I will do this for me- because I know I can.  I will do this for my kids- they deserve a good example.

They say it takes about 1 1/2 months to break a habit.  It is time!  I know this won't be easy and I am going to take it slow.  I will listen to my body and decide if I am REALLY hungry.  I will switch soda for water.  I will put down that cookie- it's not worth it anyways.  I will make time to work out.

Why? Because I deserve it!

Do you struggle with weight loss?  Do you have any habits you want to kick? 


  1. If only everyone had the drive you had :) you seem to be a very strong woman! I would love to lose weight myself. My problem always ends up being knowing I can't have it makes me want it even more.

  2. That's too funny....I found that was exactly my problem...I wasn't really hungry, my mouth was just bored. Water has solved that problem and gum helps too. julieann r

  3. I've heard this too. I love your motivation, it's awesome!

  4. I agree with JR911 that gum and water help. I also find that if I take carbs out of dinner every night and lunch when possible, it helps a ton. There is a lot of research behind the ketogenic diet and putting your body into a state of ketosis to loose weight.

  5. The best thing is to make changes you know will work for you. If you won't stick with it, don't bother. Exercise and a healthy eating lifestyle always works ^^

  6. I agree with Heather and Jr911. My mouth seems to want something to do even if I have already eaten, so I always have sunflower seeds and pistachio's on hand to munch on. Not big on calories and having to work to get them open keeps my mouth busy.
    Just keep up the motivation and it will work for you!

  7. I completely understand about how tough it is to lose the weight after the third child. I'm not sure how long its been since you had your last one, but if its any encouragement, keep on the right attitude track that you seem to be trying. My 3rd is now almost 20months old and I just this summer lost all the weight and then 10 pounds beyond my goal! Our bodies have different time clocks and sometimes it just takes a lot longer with that 3rd child. I've heard it all before. I just was so impatient to look and feel better - it drove me crazy not fitting in my pre-pregnancy clothes. Happy to report I had to buy new clothes that fit even better because once you have worked so hard to reach that weight loss goal - honey, you deserve an new outfit or two! :) Keep up the great work! You can do it!

  8. I keep putting it off until tomorrow, but then tomorrow comes and I put it off some more. I had lost weight and then when I got my first foster children, I was tired, emotional, and stressed so I started gaining it back. Now I just can't seem to stop eating things that I know are bad for me. I love the graphic here, and I'm going to Pin it to Pinterest. :)


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