Thursday, September 20, 2012

Saving for Disney

We have 51 days until Disneyland.  As excited as we are (especially me!!) I have not worked out a budget or any type of plan yet. (Watch for posts in the next month on this)  We have been working on saving and I am keeping track in the right sidebar as some extra motivation.


Some of the ways we have been saving money

Change Jar:  

I know this is an easy one but we are HORRIBLE with our change jar.  Usually, quarters are removed within days and dollars don't even make it in.  We have been making a conscious effort to actually save.   We have been using a counting money jar which has helped to motivate us.  This is one way to really get the kids involved too!  They love putting in change and get to see our "funds" add up.  They don't even ask for quarters at the store anymore because they want everything to go in the change jar. 


I have not been posting as much as I want because I have been so busy but I figure every little bit counts.  My kids have a TON of clothes they have grown out of and I normally donate them but figured I would try and make a little money to go towards our vacation.  I am not an ebay expert but have it figured out enough to post an item ;o)

Savings Account:  

We have a savings account with ING Direct.  It takes a few days to get money out of this account so we are much less likely to use it.  I plan on putting in extra money out of our paychecks before it can be used as well as money from Paypal and our change jar if it gets high enough anytime soon.

***This money will mainly be used for food and souvenirs.....all of the little things that add up fast!***

****What are some of your best tips for saving for a vacation??  How do you budget for these types of trips?****


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