Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cutting Back & Saving

One thing I have realized we spend a TON of money on is "extra unnecessary" things.  You food, eating out, stopping at the gas station for a soda or even running in the store for a couple things.  These small things easily add up into the $100's and can blow a budget fast!

With saving for our Disneyland trip I am especially trying to cut back right now on the extra things.  

Some of my ideas-

  • Meal planning & Grocery Shopping
    • This takes a lot on my part but I know when I have meals planned out for an entire week or two I am less apt to think we have nothing to make or I don't have time.  This helps me stay organized and even helps with having dinner done on time!
    • Along with meal planning, we try and do a weekly or bi-weekly grocery store run.  We might spend $150-$200 but we are then good for that long.  I am not tempted to run in and grab extra things we don't need which really start to add up.

  • Allot an amount each pay check for "extra"
    • My husband and I have talked about giving ourselves a certain amount of cash out of each paycheck.  This can go towards things like a soda, fast food, etc.  When this cash is gone IT IS GONE.  No using the debit card!!  I really think this will help us to realize just how much we have been spending.

  • Pay bills on time
    • I am usually pretty good about everything being paid on time but I will admit there are things I forget once in awhile.  These late fees can really add up fast!!  I am trying to be very organized with paying everything on time as to not incur any of these nasty little fees.

  • Make your own cleaners/beauty products
    • You can find recipes online for everything from laundry soap to hair treatment.  A lot of times these things can be made with things you already have.  I will be posting some of my favorite recipes soon!

These are just a few of my ideas I know will help my family out.  What tips do you have for cutting back and saving money??  I would love to hear them!


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