Tuesday, August 17, 2010

5 important lessons your children should know

My kids are the most important thing in the world to me and along with this comes teaching them-  There are many lessons they need to learn to be the best person they can be.  This seems like a big responsibility but most of this comes with love.  These are five of the things I think are most important.

  1. Do your best-  I think children need to try their hardest at everything.  They can feel good about themselves whether they succeed or fail as long as they know they have done their best.
  2. The Golden Rule-  I always talk to my children about being nice to everyone.  This is something they learn at home with not fighting with their brothers or sister and also friends at school.  I talk to my daughter often about being nice to everyone- especially the kid everyone else picks on. 
  3. Be honest-  Never tell a lie and do not steal.  This seems like such a big thing for younger kids but when they are little is the best time to teach them this value. 
  4. Take care of the Earth and our home-  We talk about not littering and why we need to protect our Earth and ways to do this.  The main way I teach this is by implementing this at home.  We grow our own garden every summer and try to find ways to be less wasteful.  We work on little things such as turning lights off and not wasting water.
  5. Work Together-  Everything we do in our family is done together.  We work to lift each other up and support each other.  It is important to have family support.
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