Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SavvyCents Wallet Winner!

The Lucky winner of the SavvyCents Wallet giveaway is Stephanie from Ten Talents!

#118- allthingsnew said... "One of my fave things is that it can also hold my shopper cards...I always forget those!"  Congrats to Stephanie and thanks to everyone who entered and the wonderful sponsor :o)

If you haven't checked out Stephanie's site yet you definitely should!  She keeps updated lists of low entry giveaways, posts about great deals, offers reviews and giveaways and has a new really cool linky- "This For That" where bloggers can post something they are in need of such as a contest that needs entries, needing more followers, etc.  They then help out the three people before them and in return the next three people can help them out!  Such a cool idea!!  I love how we can help each other out :o)  Thanks!!


  1. Congrats Stephanie! I totally agree about her blog! It's one of my favs!

  2. Way to go Steph!

    P.S. Thanks for the add, I love new friends!!!

  3. Thanks everyone...and thanks so much for the shout outs about my blog...feeling very thankful over here!

    Maybe this will help me get it together when I go to the stores. You know that lady who is dropping all her stuff and pulling coupons out of every purse pocket while she simultaneously is trying to keep her kid from eating the credit card pen? Yeah? That's me :)


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