Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ten Tips For Saving Money During The Back-To-School-Season

It is that time once again, time to prepare for back to school.  I now have two kids going into school so I am trying to save money in as many ways as possible and wanted to share a few of the things that work for me.

Saving Money Tips

  1. Find coupons online-  There are many great places to find coupons if you search online.  One of my favorites is retailmenot

  2. Do coupon swaps with family/friends- If you have extra coupons you are not using pass them along as well as gaining extra ones to use!

  3. Sign up for stores newsletters through mail or email- You can score a lot of coupons this way

  4. Find stores that double coupons- A lot of stores offer to double coupons up to $1.00 and this helps your money to go even further

  5. Make a list of supplies you need beforehand- This helps to not buy too much extra (check with school's supply list)

  6. Borrow or reuse-  Often times more expensive items such as a calculator can be passed on from an older sibling

  7. Buy in Bulk- You can usually get better deals if you buy in bulk. You can pass the extras on to a teacher or save for at home

  8. Stock up-  Buy extra of the items your child usually runs out of during the year.  Paper, crayons, pencils, etc  Prices usually go back up so it is better to buy now.

  9. Request coupons-  You can usually call or email a company and ask them to send you coupons

  10. Buy generic-  It is usually cheaper to buy generic and brand name doesn't always make a difference (paper, pencils, etc)
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  1. awesome tips! I love your children's names. So beautiful! Nice to meet you in blog world :)


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