Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Family Vacation!

Since my husband and I were married in May of 2008 we have never been on an actual "family vacation".  Between kids being little, working on the house, work, etc we had just never got around to actually planning anything.  We have taken short overnight trips and if you have been following The Simple Things all along you know we went to San Diego at the beginning of summer but that was far from a vacation.  Sure we had fun but he had training and I still had to work :oP  NO FUN!!

We decided about a month ago that we are going to Disneyland!!!  I haven't been since I was pregnant with my 3-year old and my 2 youngest boys have never been.  We have been saving like crazy and trying to get everything planned from how long to go, where to stay, etc.  I think I found a great place that is very kid friendly and I am hoping it works out.

Anyways, I am really excited and just wanted to share!!!! :o)   I hope to have a few travel related posts about what worked for us with three kids, 5 and younger.  I would love to hear any tips, advice or stories you have whether it be on traveling, money saving tips, places to stay or Disneyland itself....... 


  1. Enjoy the trip and be sure to let us know how it goes!! Happy almost-Friday!

  2. Oh you will have a blast! We saved HARD for over a year to go to Disneyland last December, it was so much fun! We spent three days at Disney and saw Universal, Sea World and San Deigo Zoo to. We drove from Canada (my husbands crazy idea, in 2.5 days no less!) All I can say about money is it is EXPENSIVE!!!! unbelieveably expensive, but for us, we had not had any vacation - not one single weekend off in OH nine years so we played hard on our vacation and we had saved hard for it - we did not go into debt for it though either :)
    one thing the girls still talk about is our breakfast with Chip and Dale, worth every single penny -BUT they want you gone when you stop eating, so eat SLOW and have a coffee or tea, and fill it, and fill it and fill it LOL. Take lots and lots of picks and bring a autograph book that has a place for a picture beside every signature - priceless!


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