Monday, October 18, 2010

I quit!!

OK, So I am completely aware that this is not really an option, nor would I want it to be but it felt good to say!! 

I didn't get quite enough sleep last night but I woke up actually feeling pretty good.  I got work issues taken care of and then rode up town with my mom to pick AshLynne up from school.  My new calendar and chore chart I ordered came in and I was really excited to get home and get everything set up.  

When I got home I really didn't have much work and I took some time to do the dishes, try and pick up a little and I got the chicken defrosting for dinner.  I came back in my office to do a little work and that's when it all started....

"Mom!  Come look at what Kasen did!!  Enter kitchen-  My floor is flooded with water from the fridge.  I am sure it was not JUST Kasen.  I am positive someone was an instigator.  Threw a towel on it and came back in office.  

2 min later-
"Mom!  Kyren pooped!"  "OK, I will come change him in just a minute"  "No his diaper is off and it's all over!"  So I go put him in the tub and turn my back for 2 seconds and Kasen manages to shove the basket of stuff (a full basket of lotion, perfume, soap, hair things, etc) off the toilet into the bath.  I start thinking, seriously??  where did my day go so bad??  I have been cleaning, work is slow today and I am actually getting dinner done and done early for once. 

After bath incident-
So I preheat the oven, finish making my chicken, get it all in a pan and open the oven.  It is COLD.  Not the just starting to warm up kind of cold, the I am broke, not turning on cold  HAHA good luck with dinner now!  So a normal person might have hurried and threw something together on the stove.  Not me, I was finished!!  I fed my kids the jello they had been patiently waiting for :o)  I spent the next ..... very long time messing around with the oven.  Unplugged it for awhile, pressed a million buttons, even said a prayer. NOTHING  Now keep in mind, this is not just any oven.  My parents purchased a new one and gave us their old one which wasn't very old compared to what we had.  I was so excited to have a new oven that I could actually read the buttons on.  :0( 

Thank goodness my mom loves me!  She ran some spaghetti over here for us to eat since we were starving.  During that time Kasen decided to take a jello bath and also smeared it over half of my couch.  Then come to find out, not only was their the stuff from the basket in the bath but also 2 rolls of toilet paper had been thrown in.    

On the bright side, Jason has the next two days off!!! YAY :o)  He now has the privilege of taking over kid, cleaning and cooking duty.  I need time to recuperate!  Maybe work on the chore chart??

Am I the only person with days like this???


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