Monday, June 28, 2010


I just love my daughter!  She always puts a smile on my face :o)  But when it comes to getting dressed..... WHEW That's a hard one.  She is 5 and she knows what she wants to wear.  She does not need my help, she will pick it out and I just need to smile & like it

On Saturday she went to a Birthday Party.  I went to grab her clothes and of course, she already had an outfit picked out and half way on.  White flowery skirt, shirt from the day before and I was informed her hair did not need fixed.  After much argument I finally got her to wear something that matched but she had to have the final say.  Check out the shoes! (yes, I let her wear them lol) 

1 comment:

  1. Love it! My 2.5 year old already wants to wear a dress to daycare everyday. Sigh.


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