Sunday, June 20, 2010

we made it!!!

YAY!! So of course we ended up leaving two hours later then we planned on and the kids had to pee every 5 minutes but we still made it :o)  There were a few times I was wondering. What a boring awful drive...we were in the Nevada part of Cali.....Desert for what seemed like ever. We got in about 8
:30 and ate at Apple Bees. AshLynne was asleep before we even finished eating.  We found some random place to stay at, got some rest & woke up bright & early.

Today we went to the Birch Aquarium.  It was pretty neat but the kids were so worried about going to the beach we didn't stay long.  We did pay a ton outside just for snacks :oP  So much for the eating cheap thing lol  The beach was awesome....well besides the fact I was the only "genius" there in jeans... HAHA  Didn't stop me from getting wet but I just about lost my pants, a few times!!  We are gonna go again Friday or Saturday but we will try to be a little more prepared.... bathing suit, towels, & shovel and bucket!!!! 

We are staying at Barona Resort & is kind of in the middle of nowhere but it is beautiful!!  our room looks out on a lake!!  Hope the kids will hold up, four days in here with me still working.  YAY we are here!!! :-D


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