Saturday, June 26, 2010

We are home & ALL alive :o)

We made it home late last night.  What a LOOOOOOOOONG drive!!  The kids were all pretty good.  Jason- that's another story lol  I heard quite a few times, "Tell him to pee in a bottle! He can just pee in his pants! I am not stopping anymore!"  I also drove between Victorville & Bishop...for about 15 minutes.  Then AshLynne had to pee and Jason was ready to take back over....something about not feeling safe?  Just because I swerved to miss a few potholes and still hit them anyways!? Whatever  :o)  I think it is a guy thing.

It feels so nice to be back on MY computer, not the laptop.  You get so used to it and to not have it sucks.  I am glad the laptop worked but this is so much better.    Anyways, just letting everyone know we made it back home.  & if anyone noticed our sprinklers on one afternoon, and they were still on that evening, and still on the next morning- That was my mom just trying to green up my lawn, ok she actually forgot they were on but my flowers are all blooming really good!  ;o)  (You know I love you mom!!)

My flowers still aren't as nice as last year but I am working on it and my Lily on the side bloomed!! :o)


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