Thursday, June 24, 2010

Long Trips With Kids....

So tomorrow is the big day we make our AT LEAST 8 hour journey back home.  It just isn't as exciting as the getting there part, although I must admit it will be nice to be home.  Before we headed, I asked on my facebook page "any good ideas on keeping a 2 yr. old and 5 yr. old occupied in a car for over 8 hours?".  I got some great answers including nyquil, benadryl, duct tape and sticking them in a rooftop carrier.  LOL 

All kidding aside I got some really good ideas.  A portable DVD player was one of the first things mentioned and one of the first things that popped into my mind.  We have a laptop we have used for this before but my fuse was blown for the charger and it won't fit good in my car anyways so I had to get a little more creative. (I am thinking about getting the one on the left from Amazon, decent price and good reviews)  Am I the only person who doesn't/can't use a DVD player already?  So my search continued....  Another great idea was to give each child their own bag with snacks, little toys, crayons etc.  I sort of did this but didn't have much time to plan.  Next time I will get things together a few days ahead of time, preferrably something new or that hasn't been played with for awhile.  One mom takes a kid laptop or gameboy.  I love to read and signed up for  It was really easy to use and I downloaded a book for myself on my husband's zune and about 6 kid books for my daughter on her MP3 player.  She spent quite a bit of time listening to Junie B Jones :o)

I also had a great website recommended to me... Moms Minivan  This site has some really neat ideas.  There is everything from free printable car games to handing out surprised every so many miles.  On thing I found we are going to try tomorrow (at my daughters request)  It is called travel tickets, you make tickets out of paper and give your child a pre-counted baggie full of tickets.  Every 30 minutes or 30 miles you have them turn in a ticket to you.  When the tickets are gone the trip is over & this helps younger children out with knowing how much time is left.  You can check out her blog here

I hope you have found some helpful advice for your next roadtrip with the youngn's or can share any other ideas you have!! 


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