Thursday, June 24, 2010


Living in a hotel definitely has its plus side.  The first two mornings I woke up a little later than usual all on my own, not to the crying of a kid.  I would look to see the heavy curtains keeping it dark.  What a WONDERFUL invention.  No light & my kids sleep longer... if only I can remember that one. 

Well the last two mornings Jason has been noisy, trying to find things, slamming the door.  I just don't get it!  I ask him everynight if his stuff is together so we don't have to go through this.  Then, it wakes the boys up & Kasen cries because he wants to go with him, then he runs over and tries to open the door and then he yells at me  "You sleep with AshLynne!"  "You go to sleep now!" Kyren is now definitely awake and lucky little AshLynne?  Still asleep looking like an angel.  Hopefully everyone can fall back asleep and wake up on the right side of the bed, myself included :o)

We leave tomorrow.... kind of bittersweet.  We were going to stay until Saturday but I don't want to try to come up with money for a room again :oP  (if you read my earlier rant about the hotel deposit you may understand).  We are gonna hit the beach in the morning and then we are off!  I am ready to be home and I am sure my mom is too.  She has been watering my garden, grass and plants, mailing my ebay stuff, feeding the dog and chickens & watching my little Abbie.  Thanks mom, love ya & I definitely owe you!!!  I am definitely glad we came, it wasn't some nice elaborate fun-filled vacation and may have been a little hard on the kids being cooped up but we tried to make the best of it.  I think we are going to find a place to watch Toy Story since it is our last night here...We better!!!

Swimming at the pool last night


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