Tuesday, June 22, 2010

life in a hotel

So this has only been day 2 BUT I just want to say to our neighbors in the next rooms over, I am so sorry!!!  I really try to keep them quiet & they are actually doing really good considering the circumstances. 

& to the hotel, is it really necessary to charge a $250 deposit fee that yes, was really taken out of my account?? $100, I understand, even planned on but $250 Really!?! 

& last but not least to the little girl at the pool....yes I teach my kids to share but when you are taking MY floaties and my kid is freaking out JUST GIVE IT BACK, it's his anyways! (he happened to be tired) & to the dad watching....when I ask your daughter (who is older!) to give it to him, & then you ask her to give it to him and she just sits there- GET UP AND GRAB HER   Ok I feel better now :o)


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