Sunday, July 18, 2010

1st Family Movie Night

So my husband and I went to a movie Friday night and left the kids behind.  They were pretty bummed out but I promised them we would do a "Family Movie Night".  We don't have a theater anywhere close and hardly ever go regardless because of my kids' age (5, 2 and 1).  When we have attempted, one of us usually ends up missing half of the movie.  

I wanted to make this fun & somewhat real for them so here is what we did:

My awesome aunt made us a really cool sign

I bought snacks- candy & crackers, juice, soda & got fun popcorn holders from my cousin (they were cheap at our local grocery store.  You could probably find at WalMart, dollar store, etc.)  I set up the "Concession Stand" & sign.  My husband had the genious idea of grabbing the cash register! :o)

While I was busy setting up the table we put the kids in their "cars"  We used cheap plastic bins I had bought for their toys.  You could also use boxes and let them decorate them beforehand.  I thought about having my husband take them for a drive but didn't have much time so we had them pretend to drive to the bank where my husband passed out envelopes with fake money.

When I was finished the kids got to come pay for their ticket (raffle ticket) and buy their popcorn, snacks & drinks.  My husband rang them up and we had to help with the money but they still had so much fun!  I went and stood in the entrance to the living room and tore their tickets in half.  They then went and got back in their "cars" and we started the movie.

The plastic bins were nice because most of the popcorn stayed in there.  This worked well with the kids because we were able to stop the movie about half way through for potty breaks and to get more drinks and popcorn.  I have a few more ideas for next time but this turned out really good!!


  1. What a cute idea & so fun! This will be such a great memory for them.

  2. seriously might be the cutest idea EVER! Love it! What great memories you all are making :) SUPER CUTE!!!


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