Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nabisco Cookies Coupon

It is the first Monday of the month...well almost for me, still have another hour. :oP  Nabisco cookies is offering their once a month coupon on facebook- 

This coupon is good for a FREE package of Nabisco cookies with the purchase of **1 gallon of milk and 1 package of Nabisco cookies**.  It expires on 7/23/2010.  

Go print the coupon...You know you want some cookies ;o) 

Coupon print max is 75,000 through 11:59 PM EDT on 7/5/10. While supplies last. Limit one per household. Not all retailers accept digital coupons. *Restrictions apply.PRINTING TIPS

You must have a real printer connected to your computer, a "virtual printer" (such as a PDF writer) will not work

In order to print coupons, you must enable and/or install Java 1.6 or higher AND install the SmartSource coupon printer applet when prompted

The coupon will not display on your computer screen - once you click the "Print Coupon" button the coupon is automatically sent to your printer and prints

Corporate firewalls may block your ability to print the coupon - please try from a home computer if possible

If you are experiencing problems printing and if you have multiple printers, try printing from another printer on your network

You will only be able to successfully print the coupon by clicking the "Print Coupon" button above on this tab - clicking a link from anywhere else will not work

You will receive a "print limit reached" message if you attempt to print the coupon more than two (2) times

If your coupon printed without a barcode, please try to print again but note you are limited to two prints


  1. Thank you for the link! I'm visiting from Mailbox Monday. I signed up to be a new email subscriber.

  2. I'm your newest follower on your super awesome blog!


  3. Visiting from Mailbox Monday. Subscribed via email, following you on Twitter, and Liked you on Facebook. Sweet Blog. Congrats on winning the custom layout! Very nice!


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