Saturday, July 24, 2010

Online School Solutions Review

It is no wonder today's generation of students is known as the "iGeneration".  Everything now is so high tech and many children spend most of their time on the computer, even for things such as homework.  I feel education is SO IMPORTANT and it is very necessary to be able to work with kids by giving them more options when it comes to schooling.  No person is the same so why should we expect everyone to learn the same?

I was able to graduate High School one year early because I had the opportunity to take extra classes.  Online classes were the reason I was able to achieve this goal so I know they can be very beneficial to students.  Life is so busy, it is nice to have something that will fit into your schedule- whether this is because moving, being involved in sports, falling behind, or wanting to take advanced classes, online courses are a great solution!!

One great option for online learning is KC Distance Learning (KCDL).  They offer various online distance learning programs for middle school to high school students.  They are a leading provider with the first programs being introduced in 1974.  They offer core, Foreign Language, Honors, and AP courses and in 09-10 had over 40,000 students taking courses.

I had an opportunity to take some time and look over their site.  One of the most important things that stuck out right away was the fact that KCDL's programs are accredited.  This means that diplomas, credits and courses received from them are widely accepted by employers, colleges, etc.  All teachers are licensed and they also have a licensed guidance counselor.  The programs they offer are tailored to a wide variety of students from homeschoolers to those needing to make up credits.  You can enroll year round.  There is also a program, Aventa Learning, that partners with schools and districts seeking to provide extra curriculum to students through online courses .

To get more information you can go to Online School Solutions and click on your state.  This will bring up a list of any KCDL school(s) that currently serve in your state so you can find out more about their excellent programs!   

To experience the curriculum offered by online learning, click HERE

I wrote this review through the MomSelect program, and they offered to send me a gift card for my participation. The opinions are my own. 


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