Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have chickens in my backyard.  3 hens and 7 roosters.  I cannot wait to start getting eggs!  My hens should start laying by September or October and we will be "disposing" of the roosters hopefully sometime soon.  I originally wanted Silkies and had ordered some in the Spring.  It was cold enough they sent an extra 10 roosters (packing peanuts) to keep them warm.  They were so small and weak half of them died within a week.  I think it was too much for them being in with regular size chickens and the others didn't make it after being moved outside.  I was heartbroken but happy to have the three that survived.

I received an e-mail from IDEAL POULTRY today stating "Wow - our bantams hatched great today. Over 3,000 that need to be shipped today! Can you help us out?"  They are having and awesome sale and  I was way excited when my husband said you should call & order some.  I have 25 bantam chicks that were born today being shipped to me.  I should have them Friday!!  I think it will be much easier now that it is warmer and they will not be in with any other chickens.  I will keep you posted & Wish me luck :o)


  1. OK I have to weird to have chickens shipped to you. So weird! Then again, my brother in law shipped pond turtles to us as a wedding gift (they quickly escaped the pond for greener pastures). Oh well. Good luck!

  2. Good luck!!

    it reminds me of my fathers mini poultry farm...:)

  3. So cool to have fresh eggs!
    Hi! I'm stopping by from Friday Social Parade (last week) - I tend to explore blogs every day, not just Fridays.

    I just switched my blog to WordPress, if you have time, take a peek and let me know what you think of my new design! Everything isn't finished but it's close, and my google friend connect is now there - (woo-hoo kinda fun not to type the "blogspot"). If you want to see the before-and-after, the before is I hope you'll follow me back!

  4. I so want little chickies, but hubby was chased by headless chickens as a child and is determined that I don't need chickens. We will see who wins the chicken wars, LOL!


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