Thursday, July 29, 2010

WooHoo for Friday :o)

Finally got a few pics of my baby chicks!  I have 22 of these things  (4 have died :o( )  They are really cute but kind of a pain to take care of.  I look forward to them being big enough to live outside.

We had a nice night- ate dinner outside and then roasted marshmallows and made smores.  I think it was about as redneck as you could get.  Our fire pit is a dryer barrel and we had a lack of sticks so what did my husband do-  Duct taped a fork onto a broken board.  It actually worked quite nice :o)  Really wish my camera wasn't broke!!

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  3. Oh how cute! I loved baby chicks on my grandma's farm when i was little.

  4. I LOVE smores YUM!!

    I found you through the follow events for Tuesday!!

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    Happy Tuesday!! :)

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